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VFR Capital Investment is all about reinventing properties, revitalizing communities, and seizing lucrative investment opportunities for its clients. We focus on capital preservation while aiming to return maximum, risk-adjusted cash on cash returns to investors. We capitalize on economies of scale by concentrating our efforts in our core markets. Our years of experience in value-added real estate helps us extract maximum value from every property we acquire, manage or dispose of.


In order to offer attractive opportunities to investors, we leverage our long-term relationships and credibility within the real estate markets to source acquisitions.  With our extensive experience, market know-how, negotiating strategies, opportunity recognition acumen, and comprehensive due diligence, we can provide our clients with financially rewarding investment opportunities.

All the opportunities are vetted by our team of professional commercial real estate underwriters, who only focus on well-located properties where operational efficiencies and thoughtful capital improvements can create significant value. Our extensive screening process helps us find the best opportunities to add to our portfolio. Out of 100 deals we source, only 30 make it to detailed underwriting; of those, 10 are chosen for due diligence, while only 1 makes it to closing! We target markets with:

  • Promising employment growth
  • At least 100,000+ population
  • A median household income of $40,000 or more
  • Landlord friendly markets.


Fewer management issues, higher occupancy, lower expenses, elevated rents, it’s what every investor wants, and we can make it happen.

Our experienced Asset Management team are experts at managing and operating multifamily real estate assets. Our management team has an edge when it comes to renovating multifamily property assets, thanks to extensive experience and local market knowledge.

Once a property has been acquired, our asset managers work hand in hand with experienced property management companies to establish goals, pinpoint areas of inefficiencies, and offer guidance on renovations and other changes to the property to maximize Net Operating Income and increase the investor’s cash flow. Our Asset Management team oversees the renovation process and supervises the property managers every step of the way, be it a simple overhaul or a complete teardown.

Partner with us

VFR Capital Investments is always looking for exciting opportunities to partner with other teams.  If you are a syndicator or investor who has access to a deal and you need a partner to get the deal past the finish line, reach out to us for a meeting!  Whether you need a Key Principal, EMD, or assistance in raising the needed capital, we are always open to discuss all available options. 

We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and all information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

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