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WS1282: Why Your Team Is Your Greatest Asset | Wesley Yates

In any business, your team can make or break your success. Today, our guest Wesley Yates of VFR Capital Investments dives deep into the importance of having a strong team to succeed in this industry. Wesley details how in less than 18 months, his team has acquired 589 units bringing a total unit count of assets under management to over 1,500.

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Wesley is a marine veteran who successfully transitioned to real estate. He shares that their unique point is that his team members are primarily veterans and first responders. He also compares being a real estate entrepreneur to being in combat. Tune in now and learn why your team is your greatest asset!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Wesley talks about his background before transitioning into real estate full-time.
  • Wesley says his greatest key to success is his team.
  • How did Wesley build his team?
  • Why being an entrepreneur is not much different from being in combat?
  • How does Wesley choose his team members?
  • Wesley talks about how he developed an internal training program for his team.
  • Wesley discusses his service to his team.
  • The difference between a leader and a manager.
  • What would Wesley have done differently on his first deal knowing what he knows now?
  • Wesley’s best source for meeting new investors right now.
  • The daily habits that help Wesley to achieve success.
  • How does Wesley like to give back?

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“You will learn a lot from failure if you would let yourself.” [0:02:29]

“My greatest asset and my greatest key to success is the team that I have built together and I guess, you could say that this is my service to my team.” [0:04:22]

“I want people that have character and I want people that I can trust because if you don’t realize it, real estate and being an entrepreneur are not much different in combat.” [0:08:22]

“I believe in the power of a leader. To be first, you must be last.” [0:17:56]

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About Wesley Yates

Wesley Yates is a proud Marine Veteran with over nine years of active-duty service that brings a strategic outlook and goal-oriented mindset to the team. Wesley has mentored and trained over 2,000 individuals for leadership and development roles. He was recognized in 2013 by Congressman Ralph Hall for his outstanding character and service to his community.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Texas at Tyler.

In November of 2020, Wesley co-founded VFR Capital Investments, a multifamily syndication company that is owned and operated by a team of Veterans and First Responders. Wesley serves as the CEO and has led his team in growing their portfolio from 0 to just over 1500 units estimated at $150MM in assets under management.


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