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Imagine turning down an executive position in Amazon and choosing instead to start a career from zero. Wesley took his 9 years of active duty in the Marine into real estate. He then applied his methodical military approach to the industry and achieved great success! Whether it’s taking the front, data analysis, behind the scenes, or leading from the back, Wesley believes there is a place for anyone to be effective.

Recognized for his outstanding character and service, Wesley has mentored thousands of people on how to build their plan and choose the right people to work with. Listen to this week’s episode and learn how to unlock your potential with the knowledge you have now!

In this episode, we explore:

Background of the guest

Advice for someone who’s interested in investing

Building a strong network

Time management

Surround yourself with the right people

Finding your passion

About Wesley:

Wesley is a proud Marine Veteran with over nine years of active-duty service that brings a strategic outlook and goal-oriented mindset to the team. Wesley has mentored and trained over 2,000 individuals for leadership and development roles. He was recognized in 2013 by Congressman Ralph Hall for his outstanding character and service to his community. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Texas at Tyler.

In late 2018, he turned down an Operations Management opportunity with Amazon to begin actively networking within the real estate investing community. Quickly building relationships with other like minded entrepreneurs, he has created a large network of Accredited Investors that believes in his vision for methodically acquiring assets. Wesley is an enthusiastic leader, and brings with him a skill set that is crucial in developing a team and driving performance.


What is your number one failure in real estate?

What advice would you give to other militaries to be successful?

What inspired you to serve your country?

What is your dream?


“Find that information, put yourself in the right seat so that you can get the knowledge and truly start applying that immediately.”

“You just got to figure out what your strengths are. If it is behind the scene, if it is analyzing data, if it is leading the team. Just figure out what that is, because there’s a piece out there for that for you.”

“You just have to find what you want, and when it’s your passion, you have to put a whole lot more into it than when it’s just a job.”

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